Read the 5 Steps to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation a stressful event in a man’s life is often caused for various reasons. You should know what are the reasons so that you can tactically take care of them, and bring yourself out of the inadequacy. So, in many of the cases, the inability to stop ejaculation when it occurs is hardly due to medical issues, which the doctor should confirm your case. Premature ejaculation is mostly diagnosed with anxiety, depression, distress and even embarrassment. Now that you know the source of your premature ejaculation, lay your head and follow the below-mentioned steps to overcome the same.


5 steps to control your premature ejaculation in almost no time.


Correct Breathing:

Breathing relaxes you with the contraction and expansion of your muscles. Also, it supplies oxygen circulation to your blood. Need to mention that breathing restructures your focus away from the sexual and conductive sensations and reduces the anxiety caused by sexual activities. Now to perform a fine tune breathing before having sex, will be the following:-

  • A 10 seconds strong and steady breath in is needed.
  • A 1-second breath holding is needed.
  • A 10 seconds slow delivery of breath through your pucker shaped lips are needed.

Then to perform a fine tune breathing while having sex, will be the following:-

  • Learn to breathe in for 8 seconds.
  • Never hold your breath, just follow the breathing cycle.
  • A slow and steady release of breath for 6 seconds should be good.


Confidence Building:

Try and do all the possible measures you will ever come to know for the premature ejaculation issue. And boost yourself with vibes about the common nature of a man and a woman, and how you should be lively to your partner. Anxiety about your sexual activity should be ignored. Study about healthy sex life and channelise your thought process on sex habit.


Choosing Sexual Technique:

Surf around for different positions, if you don’t know, then grab the old historical and traditional book of Kama Sutra to study the positions that can benefit you. Once you read about positions and how they help in arousal of both men and women along with different techniques that can be applied, it is going to be easier for you to choose the right one or some more for your healthy sexual journey.


Controlling The Kegel:

Kegel, the given name of pelvic floor and exercises for the pelvic floor, after Dr Kegel. So this procedure instructs you to repeatedly contract and release the kegel or pelvic floor muscles such as the rectum, the prostate and sometimes he coccyx region too. This is a form of exercise to perform either while sexual intercourse or in other times, in order to control your premature ejaculation.


Benefitting by Exercise:

There are plenty of yoga, pranayama, Chinese martial art forms and even hardcore body stimulating exercises directed to healthy sexual activities and to prevent premature ejaculation. You need to be systematic with the practice in order to be benefitted by them. Irregular exercise never results good for any remedy.

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